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Luncheon: Mobile From A to Z
Thu, 02/23/2012
Mobile From A to Z

Every industry has it's own recognizable names and terminology, and the mobile industry is no different. 

Covering the 10,000ft view of the hardware, software, concepts and companies common to the industry Roddie will traverse the alphabet from'A' to 'Z'. Detouring slightly at 'B' He'll

take a closer look at his own company, Binary Dawn, and present an overview of the key events of the last three years.

As well key letters are reserved to do a little show and tell for Binary Dawn's creations from the last three years and discuss their impact in the mobile gaming arena.

Speaker Bio

Roddie Kieley is an entrepreneuring software developer focused on mobile indie game development. He cut his technical teeth earning a B. Sc. (Computer Science) at Memorial University while working within it's Computing and Communications group. He began his professional software development career developing 'Backpack Adventures in Asthma', an educational video game to teach children about asthma, for a company in the University's Genesis Centre.

Since then, by day, he earned credits on Sir-Tech Canada's acclaimed games Wizardry 8 and Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business; led the development of Provincial Aerospace's Airborne Data Acquisition and Management system; managed the Artix patch process for the former IONA Technologies enterprise customers; and helped the local ICAN Marine improve their software build and release process through the adoption of better tools and rebuilding their build system.

By night he has been wearing the many hats of the entrepreneur; first codeveloping process and procedures for 'HeliNutz Remote Sensing Inc.' to earn a Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada and now working to build 'Binary Dawn Interactive Inc.'. Binary Dawn was selected to enter the Genesis Centre in September of 2010 and since that time has released two products, 'WordUs2' and 'Giggle Water'. WordUs2 being nominated for 'Best App Ever' of in the word game category, and Giggle Water recently receiving's 'Quirky App of the Day' honours.

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